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C'ya Content Keywords: but what does this mean for SEO?

What on earth are 'Content Keywords' when they're at home? Are they important...? Should I care? 

These are just some of the questions we are (never) regularly asked at PF Digital everyday! So for...

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Lost & Confused? Why navigation & content structure are so important!

New look, same blog!

As you might've read a few weeks ago, Purple Frog Digital have begun offering Health Checks as part of their expert service. This analysis and independent insight has given...

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Health Checks: 5 Classic Problems Websites ALWAYS Have

Why have knowledge if you can't share it..? 

In early 2016, Purple Frog Digital decided that un-selfishness was the way forward! Since that decision was taken, we have offered our digital Health...

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Purple Frog Basics: Video SEO, a Best Practice Guide


Yes, yes, yes I know we've done something on Video SEO before but that was focused on the why you should be doing it, not the how!

This, is the how! 

Oh, you haven't read the first blog? Well go...

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A Digital Marketing Success: Dornoch Shortlisted for Award

"Our small town packs a big punch!”

Joan Bishop, Chair of DACIC

This is how the Chairwoman of the Dornoch Area Community Interest Company described the inclusion of this small Scottish town in...

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NEW QUIZ: How Well Is Your Ecommerce Site Actually Performing?

Not sure how your ecommerce site is performing? Wondering whether Google is currently ignoring or loving you? Are your competitors stealing your customers?

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Why the Rise in Voice Search is Mission Critical for Your SEO Success!

Whether you use it personally or not, the volume of searchers utilising voice search in Google and on mobile devices' means a change in the way SEO works. Google as recently as May (2016)...

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The Ultimate Guide to Ensuring SEO Success

"Can you write an Ultimate Guide for SEO?"

Me: "Okay. How ultimate do you want it?"

"As ultimate as ultimate gets!"

How could I resist such a request? (Hint I couldn't). Getting one's head around...

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10 Actionable Tips to Improve your On-Page e-Commerce SEO Today!


Boosting the traffic, in particular, relevant traffic to your site is important no matter which business plan you are pursuing. This could not be more true than with e-Commerce sites where the ...

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Why You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Google Adwords!

Take a look at Google. Type something in, type anything in. What do you see, what are the first few positions taken up by? Ads or more specifically Google Adwords. 

In February this year the...

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